From scrumptious five course-meals to mouthwatering desserts to premium bottles of champagne or wine, luxury dining is never a dull experience. There are always new flavors to excite your taste buds and to satiate your appetite. These dishes become exceptional when it is cooked with passion and whipped up especially for you. This is exactly what Chef Ana Asis does in her new venture at The Test Kitchen by Spoonsofmagic. The establishment is constructed for private dining and this resembles a homelike meal with family and friends.

Opening a private dining room wasn’t in Ana Asis’ plans. “I wasn’t ready for it,” says the 51-year-old home cook. But when the opportunity presented itself in the form of a vacant Poblacion unit owned by an acquaintance she knew from way back—with a little nudge from another friend—she realized, “If not now, when?”