1.  Can I mix flavors when I order cream scones?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate mixed orders at the moment. We will announce through our social media (Instagram and Facebook) and update our website once we are ready to do them.
2.  What is the shelf life of my cream scones?
  • Your cream scones are baked fresh on the day of pick up. To maximize their shelf life, cover them tightly with foil or plastic wrap and place them in a container to prevent them from drying out. Properly stored, your scones will be best for:
      • Room Temperature: 2-3 days         
      • Chilled: 7-10 days         
      • Frozen: up to a month
3.  What is the best way to reheat my scones?
  • We recommend using an oven to heat your scones. For best results, make sure your oven is preheated before popping them in. We suggest the following temperatures:
      • Room Temperature: 150C or 300F heat for about 2-3 minutes
      • Chilled: 175C or 300F heat for about 5-7  minutes
      • Frozen: 200C or 400F heat for about 10-12 minutes
4. What is “mock” clotted cream?
  • Clotted cream is an essential part of an afternoon cream tea. We called it “mock” since it is not the legendary Devonshire clotted cream. We created an alternative version that goes very well with our scones.
5. What is the shelf life of my “mock” clotted cream?
  • When chilled under low temperatures, your cream will be best for up to 3 weeks.
6. How do I place an order?
  • You may order through our website. Alternatively, you can also message us at 0917.895.5898 and send the following details: 
          1.  Full Name
          2. Mobile Number
          3. Your Order
          4. Preferred pickup date
*We will be in touch as soon as we receive your message.